Intro Anette

Intro Anette

Anette Carlstrom is Founder and CEO of Diamond Life and is an internationally recognized speaker, author and teacher in development in consciousness living in Helsingborg, Sweden. She also is a powerful Vocalist in chanting Ancient Sacred Mantras that helps the listener tune into a Sacred Presence within. Her focus and specialty is guiding the individual and in groups toward finding your inner Value to discover your full potential. She is a transmitter of Sacred Energies like the Oneness Meditation, which is Divine Energies that flows thru the eyes as well as through her Chanting. Anette also has a strong online presence, offering weekly Oneness Meditation Programs, web courses and seminars that are easily accessed from any computer around the world.

Growing up in Sweden, mostly an atheist contry, Anette began to wonder about God, contemplating ”Why do yo have to believe in God to know Him?”

Shouldn’t it be availbe for everyone whether you have a religion or not?”

Searching for answers, she went through difficult years of struggle and conflict, her heart always yearning for that sacred connectedness of unconditional freedom and joy. Then in August 2003 on her first visit to India, she had a transformation of consciousness and her life changed forever. What she discoverd was an undeniable, extraordinary personal transformation through the experience of the power and grace as she came into contact with the Phenomenon of Supreme Light, the Intelligence of the Heart, something she became deeply convinced of is there for every human being to experience, no matter religion or cultural background.

She founded Diamond Life as a Meditation Center and Clinic offering courses, lectures, workshops, concerts and individual sessions. She also started a Non-Profit Organisation “Diamond Life Foundation” to work as a platform for change in this world, offering different free programs on donation basis. The Vision of Diamond Life is to offer the whole Spectrum from free programs to more exclusive one-on-one Sessions.

Since 2003 Anette has been travelling the world; Russia, UK, Scotland, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Switzerland, India, Japan, Hawaii the U.S. sharing her experiences. On her travels she offers workshops to let the participants have their own experience of divine interconnection. She also shares concerts, with chanting devotional songs that carry the Power of Grace. She was initiated in the Oneness Temple, India, to give the Oneness Meditation (OM) which is a Sacred ancient transfer of Divine Energies.

Whether you join Anette in a workshop, lecture, mantra concert or individual session you are bound to have an experience of Awakening to your own Presence within.


Upcoming events and words from Anette

Here you can learn of upcoming events – at the center, around the world, and online. You can also read the latest words from Anette. // Kommande evenemang på meditationscentret, runt om i världen och online.