Mantra Concerts

Mantra Concerts

In a Mantra Concert you will take part of ancient Mantras sung by Anette in Sanskrit. Mantra means ”to be free of the mind” in Sanscrit and singing or listening to Mantras has a calming liberating effect and is Powerful tool for you to discover your True Inner Nature . You will be guided in different meditations before each song to take you deep within your heart and release any blockage stored in the body. The Mantras are sung with the Presence of the Oneness Blessing and every song carries Divine Grace and the possibility for you to experience your own inner Presence in a way that is natural for you to experience it.

We also all sing together in so called ”call-and-respons” fashion where you are easily guided to sing along and take part of the Full Power of the Mantra .

Everyone Welcome – no preparation needed.

Come and discover the Presence of Peace and Joy inside!

Upcoming events and words from Anette

Here you can learn of upcoming events – at the center, around the world, and online. You can also read the latest words from Anette. // Kommande evenemang på meditationscentret, runt om i världen och online.