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Embrace the Process of Transformation and Awaken to a fundamendally new Experience of Life. Discover your own Sacred Connection to a Greater Power inside and Gravitate to Living in Presence of Peace, Compassion and Love. Join in any of the many different Programs offered here, both Online and on Location at Ramlösa.

RAMLÖSA – Portal of Light

This Sacred Platform is located in the South of Sweden in a magical forrest-park and healing waterwell. Here you will find a Meditation Center, Studio and Clinic in service to help you let go of the burdens in life and easily tap into your Sacred Connection to Life. Many different programs and events are offered here to help you in the Journey of Awakening. Sacred Sound Events, Retreats, Courses, Satsangs and Meditations as well as Treatments in Cranio-Cranial. Ramlösa Portal of Light is Dedicated to the Process of Awakening the Light of Divine.

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August 8

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Every month Anette have a Free Online Satsang.

Next  date for Satsang is Coming soon

  • At 8 pm Swedish time,
  • 9 pm Finnish and Turkish, Dubai and Moscow,
  • 2 pm Eastcost USA, 1
  • 1 am Westcoast USA,
  • 8 am Hawaii time,
  • Australia Wed at 06 am (capital city).

EveryOne Welcome!

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Lastest Online Course – Connect to Divine

Connect to the Divine in your own personal way

If  there are 7 billion people on the planet there are 7 billion different ways to connect to the Divine. Inside our very core of Being the Divine is the Common Denominator that connects us all, the Supreme Intelligence. Experience and Connect Deeply into Your Sacred Presence in a way that i close to your Nature and move swift into the Path of Awakening.


Your own path

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