MAY 29 – JUNE 5


MAY 29 – JUNE 5



Are you struggling with old stuff or welcoming new opportunities?

Your Life is a Journey of Awakening into a never-ending expansion and evolution of consciousness. Right now we are going through Major shifts. The Power of the collective is being Heard. People have reached their limits and it’s Time to Now step into and realize the wholeness, completeness and Oneness of Your PATH.

How does that show up in our lives – Discovering our Path?

Our personal journey leads us into a direct Knowing of our True Nature ~ the Power that transforms the struggle and allows our experiences to show up in a Light-ness.  You realize how your life can unfold in a harmony, rather than discord, like never before experienced.

This is your wholeness.

Anette rarely visits the USA… so Give yourself the opportunity of attending one (or many) of her intimate immersion gatherings to dwell in the energy of transformation by experiencing your deepest and most powerful state of Being.  

Anette has been given a special Gift, that when she speaks, chants and writes, she transmits ‘Divine Light’ that is a quantum field resonance frequency, which creates a unique and familiar vibrational alignment and expansion.

By attending Anette’s programs, you will be saturated and immersed in the Divine Light field which excites your OWN inner nature and opens your Heart to connect more fully.  It was a Blessing given to her by the Spiritual Avatars Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan.

Anette’s time in Atlanta is packed with programs, workshops and private sessions. Each program is focused to Realize your Freedom and Connect to your Inherent Power.

You will know if this is right for you… if you want to step through the doorway that will enable you to recognize, experience and fulfill your destiny…your inner calling…by empowering you to deepen your heart connection and live more in the radiance of the Present.  She delivers mind-blowing yet practical, timeless teachings that empower YOU to truly live your Heart’s desires.


Anette`s Program for ATLANTA


Sanskrit Sacred Mantras are extremely transformative and penetrate straight into the Intelligence of the Heart. Anette speaks directly about specific issues such as relationship, negative karma, health, wealth, mindset and then leads you into meditative processes for living from new perspectives.

  • Tune into this powerful, ancient, wisdom technology of consciousness.
  • Let go of perceived struggles and enter into a deeper relationship with your “essential presence”
  • Activate your brain centers into higher realms of The Spiral of Evolution.
  • Move into an unstoppable transformation and attunement of Transcendence, where you shift obstacles and heal traumas


SatSang is a Sanskrit word that means to be in the company of Truth.

From her own tangible and mystical experiences, Anette shares wisdom teachings for those wanting to go deeper into the direct experience of Presence…into your essential being.

Living in a continuous non-dual state, she shares specific aspects of the Awakening process by answering your most pressing questions and concerns.


Divine Light Meditation is a powerful Sacred Blessing to Awaken the True Presence within that ignites the heart’s intelligence of deeper dimensions of consciousness.

It is a Gateway to experiencing your inherent power and wisdom and presence that naturally flows from your heart.  This Transmission is offered through open eyes.  Because of the extraordinary activation that occurs, this sacred blessing is given at the end of every program.


– live from your inner freedom

  • New Perceptions of Life for enjoying the expansion of your desires.
  • Understanding how the amount of time can be shortened between what you desire and manifestation.
  • Discovering how your dissatisfaction is the block from keeping what you desire from happening.
  • Learning how to release the repetitive patterns that show up as being stuck in unwanted behaviors.
  • Unwinding what your mind thinks you are…you are not the personality, you are not your thoughts and you are not the limitations you have been operating through.
  • Seeing who are You behind the images and what is your authentic identity.
  • Reclaiming the True Self by letting go of the resistance and moving into Divine alignment.
  • Experiencing deeply guided, mindfulness, meditation processes, breathing exercises and Divine Light Meditation Transmission that will transport you into direct alignment and bond with your Sacred Self… Your own Personal connection with the Oneness Field.


Cranio Sacral Therapy

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