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Feb 10 – Awaken Kundalini with Dance and Mantras- Copenhagen

Awaken Kundalini with Dance and Mantras!
Anette Carlstrom guides us into the chanting of the Sacred Mantras to then naturally we let the body express itself in Dance to music for the experience and awakening to your life force, Kundalini. It belongs to the ancient technologies of consciousness to let the Sacred Mantras and Music gently sweep us into Higher Consciousness.
The evening ends with a Oneness Meditation (OM) to give you an enhanced connection to the Supreme Light within you.

Place: Ku-be, Dirch Passer Allé 4, Frederiksberg
Price: 300 Dkr
Registration: cph.oneness@gmail.com
Tricia Phone : 0045 5136 3194

Feb 11  – Craniosacral Therapy Session – Copenhagen

Craniosacral Therapy Session 

Do you need help to remove stress and tension?

The Craniosacral system reaches all different system in the body, from muscle tension to digestion, sleep, hormone, respirators and skin disorder as well as depression, worry, anxiety and inner stress.

Depending on your need, you can also receive guidance on your spiritual path of transformation and in your awakening. The treatment is a deeply relaxing experience and will keep working with you 48 hours afterwards to move the para-symphatic nervous system into balance, thereafter there is a permanent change depending on how the body receive it. Anette has 20 years of experience and was educated at Svenska Kinesiologiskolan in Stockholm followed by Bröderna Tranbergs Institute, Sweden. 
The treatment takes 1 hour and cost 1 000 dkr

Everyone Welcome!

More info and register with Tricia at: Cph.oneness@gmail.com
Phone: 0045 5136 3194

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