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Discover Higher Laws of Consciousness

Move into your Inner Sacred Presence

Synchronize the Heart and Brain Connected 


Anette will share from experiences of the Inner Light how to let go of the past and move into the Sacred Presence within.
The Workshop will consist of Deeply Guided Meditative Processes with supportive and Healing Energy Transmissions of Divine Light Deeksha, Ancient Sacred Mantras and Divine Light Meditation to move Deep into the Presence.
Anette’s work is loving, joyful and profound.

  • Conntect into the Power of Grace
  • Let go of the burdens of life with kindness and acceptance.
  • Learn the secrets of alchemy of consciousness; how negative energies can transform into positive. Receive help to let go of the past and dissolve destructive charges.

A full Day Workshop


  • In order to free ourselves from what holds us in inner suffering, we must be willing to meet it with kindness and acceptance.
  • This day is for those who want to make a deep dip: to learn the secrets of alchemy of consciousness and how negative energies can turn into positive.
  • Here you get help to meet, dissolve and let go of ancient destructive charges. The day will consist of guided meditative processes with supportive and healing energy transfers and rest in Shavasan.

Anette’s work is loving, joyful and profound.

Discover higher laws of consciousness

Focusing on nurturing and strengthening your inner presence, synchronize that place in you where the heart and brain connect as one.


  • We live in a world of rapid transformation. It is a challenging time, where we are all called to continuously increase our energy level and our awareness. We do this by bringing ourselves into the present.
  • No matter what cultural background or philosophy of life, it’s about moment to moment depending on what’s vibrant and living intelligently inside, a place where the heart’s infinite capacity is able to embrace life as it is.
  • Let your life be filled with magic, let it be like a Living Reality where everything is Possible.
  • Welcome to discover higher laws of consciousness and focusing on nurturing and strengthening your inner presence, synchronize that place in you where the heart and brain connect as one.

Move into the Presence of Light


  • Learn how to synchronize your Heart and Brain and let your dreams come into reality.
  • A 3-hour workshop with teaching and guided processes around intention, prayer and manifestation.
  • Presence of Light will be yours and always ready to meet you in your prayers.
  • Here you will get punctual guidance on how to increase your access to Divine Response.

Anchor yourself into your Essence,

your inner Divinity

Divine Intervention

  • You are not what your mind thinks you are, you are not the personality, you are not your body and you are not your thoughts.
  • Who are You behind the images that have been put forth?
  • On this Workshop you are taken into Deeply guided Meditation Processes, Breathing excercise of Ananda Mandala, JAPA and Divine Light Meditation to have a direct
    experience of your Higher Sacred Self, your own connection with the Oneness Field.

Divine Intervention

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