Web course  –  Alchemy of Health

3 Topics for the course


  • Find out How the Foods You Eat Affect Your Body, Mind, and Consciousness
  • Discover how to profoundly impact your physical and spiritual health
  • Learn what fuels living in a biological body and Enhance Higher Consciousness Connection.

Since a very early age…

I have had a deep passion for health in the body and discovered how the food we eat and the thoughts and feelings we carry affects every part of our being. I went into a journey to find out the depth of wellbeing, longevity, contentment, vibrant health and the joy of living.

As I completed my education as a Kinesiologist, I went further into deep studies of the many different systems of food and nourishment and how it affected the wholeness of who we are. Basically I just threw myself fully into every path I studied to explore and get my own experience. What I discovered was – there is Wisdom in all paths; from macrobiotics, vegetarian, vegan, raw food, fruitarian and ketosis with or without animal protein. I also studied all the different detox programs just to test it out. It was very exciting and I thrived as I set about to have my own experience! 

In this Web-course, we will go deep into the area of Health and discover how to affect our health and wellbeing in a very satisfying and positive way.

You will learn about: 

  • Autophagy

  • How to be Free of Addictions

  • Epigenetics

  • Oneness in the Body

What is Autophagy?

2016 Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi received the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for his discoveries of Autophagy.

The word Autophagy derives from the Greek auto (self) and phagein (to eat). So the word literally means ”to eat oneself”. Essentially, this is the body’s mechanism of getting rid of all the broken down, old cells that is no longer needed to instead use them it in a regulated, orderly process to recycle and build new cellular health of the body.

Similar to how we recycle our garbage when it is no longer needed to make some something new of it, you will learn how to easily access Autophagy in your body and receive all the benefits of this revolutionary medical discovery in a very easy, joyous way.

What is Epigenetics?

The word ”epi” is Greek for ”above” and genetics is the study of genes and how they affect our body and health. Epigenetics takes our health to a whole new level.

It is discovered by science that our minds perception of the world changes our biology. It shows how our belief systems and perception affect the chemistry of our body and has a direct impact on our health. The problem comes when we realize we are to 95% govern by our subconscious programs which is carried out by habits o repetitive programs. The breakthrough comes as we learn how to access the Witness, or Higher Consciousness, inside that is the Freer of the Programs. If we tamper with the flow of thoughts we get entangled into them. You will learn to elevate your consciousness by moving into alignment with the Witness.

 ”In the evolution of biology, the single cells came into a community of cells, 50 trillion of the community of cells. Cells are like miniature people. The mind is the government. When the government is supportive of the community everything works in order and we move into alignment with harmony, good food, and happy environment.”

– Dr. Bruce Lipton


How to be Free of Addictions

Learn which foods trigger off addictions and how to be free of these. Access the building blocks of your body – mind – consciousness and access biological laws that directly influence you and helps you to let go of those habits that no longer serve you.

My main interest has always been how the physical biological body is connected to higher dimensions of consciousness and how to affect our heart-brain connection to come into alignment with our highest potential as a human being.
I wish to share from my own experience in this web-course, interesting facts and discoveries that can literally transform your whole life into wellbeing of both body-mind and consciousness. Find out how the foods we eat has a direct impact on our thoughts and feelings and how to let go of the past and align with higher consciousness.
I welcome you to be inspired! And together with Meditative Processes and Energy Transmissions of Sacred Mantras release old programmings and belief systems that you have no more use for, and tap into your highest potential as a human being.

Let’s thrive into Health together!

Don`t miss the opportunity to learn more

about your health and consciousness


$ 39

  • 2h course
  • process
  • Q&A


In November 2018 I followed the Portal to Light web-course given by Anette Carlström. Following her wonderful guidance I immediately went into a very high state of consciousness. I suddenly felt the need to have a new perspective on a situation that had been in my life for many years. For many reasons, I had chosen not to get involved into it, to let go and move on. But following Anette into the Portal to Light, I reviewed this situation from other higher planes. I saw my energy structure and understood that what I considered to be letting go and to surrender was actually a lack of courage because of a lack of energy to take up the immense challenge that awaited me. During the power of the process Anette was taking us through, I filled that energy gap and saw my energy structure modifying, changing its form, colors and density. It was an incredible process. Now Anette invites us to follow her into the Alchemy of Health. Although I am an holistic therapist myself, I look forward to being guided again by Anette for new multi-dimensional discoveries. My deepest Gratitude to Anette

Anakiya, Switzerland

“Anette is a such an amazing soul. Her presence creates a natural transformative effect in every human beings life, group she gave a hand or touch with her amazing heart. She is not only a spiritually glowing beauty but also a very bright intelligent one who integrates spirituality with science. She is like a marefidelis for many spiritual seekers to find their own paths both through science point of view and Divinity. Her being a powerful but also humble ally in my life journey is a big gift.”

Lila Duygu Ogut - Turkey

“Anette has provided me with insights, guidance and deep inspiration to go on the journey to Unity, Oneness and, with her brilliant, creative and inspiring personality, has been extremely helpful to me personally. Anette belongs to the truly great and inspirational teachers in terms of personal development”

Lars-Ove Kjellsson- Sweden

Welcome to the Health Course



Contact: info@anettecarlstrom.com

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