Sacred Sounds 

Sacred Sounds

Life is in the Perception

 Mantras are Sacred sounds, or reverberations of energy, where different frequencies and vibrations are uttered or sung. When voicing or listening to these vibrations, we are moved into balance with a higher intelligence of creation as the whole existence is a vibration of sound.

Mantras are seen to be a gateway or keys to higher consciousness.

 Perception can be changed in a natural way. The body is designed to experience life where we are in alignment with Higher Consciousness; the Presence within. Just as a computer needs an Internet connection to surf the Internet, Sacred Mantras can be used to connect into the Presence.

Sacred Mantras

How it began for Anette

I was introduced to singing Sacred Mantras when living in Los Angeles where I ended up staying for 13 years. I was working in the Hollywood television and entertainment business, studying acting and modelling.

As a passonate seeker of truth I thought happiness could be found in this glamorous world. But my life was a mess. I was filled with suffering and inner conflict. So intensely I longed for balance in my life.

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