With the direct experience and strong bond with the Presence, the mission and vision came with its own intelligence to share and help in every possible way. To help any human being who carry the longing to come out of suffering and to discover the higher intelligence dwelling in the heart.

What a wonderful world this could be! Just one person shifting in perception and connecting the heart and brain has a ripple effect in this world. A happy person is never a problem for anyone else! As more people alter their view of the world there would be an autmatic shift into a whole new perception and experience of life.

What we call this Power within us is of little importance. The important thing to ask yourself is: Do you have a real bond with it? Do you want to discover it for yourself? Our world carries a tremendeous potential to be e a real Heaven on Earth. This will indeed be our True Reality once enough people discover their highest potentional as a human being.

“We need to help One another in the illumination of consciousness into our own discovery of the Intelligence of the Heart”.