Modern Day Mystic

I was born into a very loving family that was open for us to discover our own ways of seeing the world, and this has been a tremendous help in my journey of life. I have have come to learn that we are directly influenced by our past, our past lives, our ancestors, our genetic lineage, our birth and early childhood decisions that often seem illogical to our adult way of seeing things, but never the less has a major effect on our perception of life. Then of course not only our whole upbringing affects us, but also the whole of humanity consciousness, our planet, solar system, galaxy, the whole Universe and other dimensions. This great insight hit me like a ton of bricks as I realized All This is what creates our identity of who we think we are! It left me speechless in awe as the Portal to Grace opened up.

As a small child I had experiences of Sacred Sounds as i fell asleep every night. These sounds took me into Journey of something so Grand I could not put words on. At the time I thought it had something to do with my pyjamas as it always happened when going to sleep. The swoshing sounds would come and I was off into the Universe. I had an inner knowing of things that I could not put into words, and an intense longing inside the heart, a calling to find out What is the Meaning of Life? If there is a God – how come we have to believe in God – should we not KNOW about God – why we have to believe – and how come nobody seem to think any of this is important? I had to find out. It seemed I had a different way of looking at the world as I felt the trees, rocks and animals were my friends and I could easily communicate with them. But people did not seem interested in this, and I longed to be part of the world. So I set about to understand how it all works. There must be some answers. It became a life mission, something very intense that was driving my life. I studied all religions, read so many books, took so many courses and met so many great teachers and philosophers  but still I did not find what my heart was longing for. After many years of meeting life’s challenges and disappointments and truly it seemed I was at the end of the rope – a Divine Intervention happened. It was by no means from my own effort – it was Divine Intervention. This nobody could understand. From there on the Journey took off to Here and Now. Like the quantum physics so clearly demonstrates –

Life is a Mystery to be experienced!

Deepest Gratitude to my Mother and Father, my Son and Daughter, my Grandchildren and my Sister. Deepest Gratitude to all Teachers and Spiritual Masters that have played a tremendously important role in my life. Thank you Life for all challenges that eventually after many years led me to the Spiritual Avatars and my Beloved Spiritual Masters Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan in India who took me into a Living Experience of Grace, my Antaryamin, my personal connection to Divine, the Supreme Light that connects us all. Deepest Gratitude to my whole Spiritual Family World Over and to my Interdimensional Light Being Family – Beings of Supreme Light – I Love You All!

From the Heart


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