Modern Day Mystic

He was known to completely drop the question to a problem he was working on, leave the left brain logic; and immerse himself in the joy and creativity of right brain activity; only to then return to the problem and finding the solution has appeared. In this modern time we live in, we are ushered into looking for that balance; to use left-brain and right-brain activity in harmony and discover a great balance of life.

We are not loose our intellect and logic, we are just to embrace the whole of who we are – which can never be captured by the intellect itself. It is an Emergence of Wholeness. And for this an experience is necessary.

I was born into a family that was open for discovering our own ways of seeing the world, and this has helped my life journey tremendously. I have learned that we are directly influenced by our past, our ancestors, our genetic makeup, the time we spend in our mothers womb, early childhood decisions that can be illogical, our whole upbringing of course, but also the whole of humanity, our planet, solar system, galaxy, our Universe and other dimensions.

In other words – we are some pretty complex individuals! How can we ever understand who we are? We are All this! How can you understand… Logic and reason is very valuable. But not in understanding who we are. We loose it by explaining it. Like the quantum physics experiments so clearly demonstrates – it is a Mystery to be experienced!

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