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Discover fast track Consciousness Evolution

Listen to Anette sharing her story

Growing up in Sweden, mostly an atheist country, I began to wonder about God, contemplating

”Why do you have to believe in God to know Him/Her?

Shouldn’t it be available for everyone whether you have a religion or not?”

Searching for answers, I went through difficult years of struggle and conflict, with my heart always yearning for the sacred connectedness of unconditional freedom and joy.

Is it possible to live a life without suffering?

Is it possible to be happy and free?

This deep seated quest carried me into the wonderment of consciousness evolution; a discovery how the inner world is affecting the outer world. I wanted to experience life as it is; be free from endless suffering and live a life in happiness and fulfillment.

Is it even possible?

And where is God in all this?

Intense seeking to fulfill my heart led me to an unexpected discovery of the Phenomenon of Oneness. It was an experience that came to change my entire life from that day on.

The seeking stopped; a Journey had begun.

In wonderment I tapped into the secrets of the Universe and went fast track into consciousness evolution on the path of Devotion – that took my life by storm. It is with greatest joy I wish to guide you on the adventure of your journey.

    In this course you will discover:

    • What is consciousness and how is it linked to devotion?

    • How can devotion directly impact our life?

    •  How to find devotion practically in our every day life?

    • What to do when stuck in life?

      Anette dreaming

      Experience the Benefits of Devotion:

      • Delve into the profound benefits of devotion in your daily life and see how devotion helps in so many practical ways.

      •  Discover your path to emotional and mental balance.

      • Experience the gift of gratitude, compassion and peace.

      • Find your life purpose through the love of devotion.

          ”Worship does not consist in prayers and in external devotion, but in a life of kindness.”


          Emanuel Swedenborg

          Devotion – a shortcut to Consciousness Evolution.

          Don’t miss out what is available to us as Human Beings:

          • Experience the flow of synchronicity and its connection to devotion.

          • Cultivate awareness and openness to the flow of life and learn how to embrace difficulties on your path.

          • Let your consciousness cultivate inner peace and wisdom in the face of challenges.

          • Discover the power of breath.


          Tap into the Secrets of the Universe:

          • Awaken and nurture your personal path through devotion.

          • Find the power of transformation through Gratitude.

          • Take a plunge and know your Divine.

          • Immerse into the limitless potential of freedom; living a life with joy for no reason.

          You will also take part in

          • Guided Deep Meditative  Processes

          • Sacred Mantras Energy Transmissions


          2 hours course


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