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the amplified gathering of the community of like-minded people… those exploring the deeper realms of what it means to truly live in a more Mindfulness state, a state of deeper ‘inner connection’ to one’s truest nature.  These programs provide an expansion of Consciousness through many unique and beautiful empowering processes and teachings.
Through these highly experiential programs, You will gain the ability to abide in the realm of Living in the Presence on a more regular basis.  In a tangible atmosphere of unconditional love, You are able to open deeper into Your ‘essential essence of Being’.  Each program always includes the dynamic transmission of Divine Light through Sacred Chanting.


  • You will be guided into different layers of the body, mind and consciousness. An inner journey of Awakening into the Oneness Field or Awakening to your Higher Consciousness or Higher Sacred Self.
  • Awakening to your Sacred Self occurs when the brain, heart and immune system are in synchronicity and a neurobiological shift takes place. You discover an alignment with the flow of the unified field of consciousness, resulting in you living a life free of struggle and inner conflict.
  • Each Online course have a different topic in focus where you will learn and discover topics like Alchemy of Consciousness; how to transform negative energies to positive, Healing of Relationships, Flowering of the Heart, Discover the Presence Inside, Health of Body, Mind, Consciousness, Doorway to Abundance and Awakening your Dreams into Reality . All courses carry deep meditative processes to help you initiate a shift and move you into Presence of Now.

Everyone welcome 

Alchemy of Health 

Body, Mind, Consciousness

In this course, we will go deep into the area of Health and discover how to affect our health and wellbeing in a very satisfying and positive way.

You will learn about:

  • Autophagy
  • How to be Free of Addictions
  • Epigenetics
  • Oneness in the Body  

  • Find out How the Foods You Eat Affect Your Body, Mind, and Consciousness
  • Discover how to profoundly impact your physical and spiritual health
  • Learn what fuels living in a biological body and Enhance Higher Consciousness Connection

Sharing from one participant. 
It was amazing Anette Ji!!!
U shared an amazing bunch of knowledge which had gone through your experience filter!!! for me it is precious!!! powerful processes & ancient technology of mantras through your pure clean channelling of devotion!!! Inspiring & practical ideas & recipes to practice….
Pls lets continue!!!
And lets do it again!!! 

Portal of Light – Heart & Brain Connection

Every moment your heart is sending signals to your brain, creating a picture of reality how you perceive the world. As our heart generates 5,000 times stronger electromagnetic field than our brain – we carry a Powerhouse within. It is known by science that if you change the field of the atom, you can change the atom.

Therefore the vital importance of healing the field of the heart, letting go of old hurts from the past and connecting with a higher intelligence that help us come into balance. From this platform, we learn how to transform negative energies into positive, allowing the heart to heal the emotions and beliefs that are creating problems in our life. As the Father of Quantum Physics, Max Plank, said: The matter that we see in our world does not exist.

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