Online Session

Do you need special personal attention to the

challenges in your life?

In an individual session with Anette you receive help how to move forward and resolve the challenges in your life. The session consist of you sharing your situation and what you need help with. After that you will be guided into deeply transformative meditative processes tailored to initiate the change you are looking for and to move you into solving or resolving the situation. The processes includes the energy transfer of the Oneness Blessing given to you through special intentional Sacred Chants.

What I can do for You 


  • Initiate a Shift to access inner Freedom.
  • Awaken the alignment of your body, mind and consciousness.
  • Help create a bond with the Oneness Field; your Higher Sacred Self.
  • Guide how to transform negative energies into positive.
  • Discover Intelligence of the Heart.
  • Help you access deeper awareness and spiritual truths.
  • Move you into Powerful Transformative Processes; the Alchemy of Consciousness.


1. Contact for booking a session:  Email to

2. Pay after you have booked a session.