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At times, life gives us challenges, twists and turns and we stand at a crossroads.  These challenges are ultimately a Gift to help open a whole new perspective for transformation.  When we learn to confront these challenges and difficulties by dissolving the core of our suffering, our life can work in ways we never thought possible.
If you are ready, I can assist you in awakening more joy, peace, love and acceptance that can strengthen your connection to your true nature while learning the most powerful tool to release those outdated programs that no longer serve you. You will be able to create the life you most desire because you will be in “the flow” of how creation and manifestation really works.


Find Your Own Path

You will receive help to ignite change and be guided to discover your own path in your own pace. That way you can start living your life from a platform of your own truth and have a very positive experience of discovering your true nature.

Only the Best
Anette offers a limited number of individual sessions via Skype or in person.  In a private session, Anette uses her highly attuned intuitive abilities to help you access, unwind and liberate ego obstacles, old behaviors and outdated beliefs that are holding you hostage.
You will take a deep dive to exploring the resolution of your physical or emotional challenges as you are guided into powerful, meditative processes especially and uniquely tailored to support the shift you are desiring.  The process includes the Divine Light blessing given through special intentional Sacred Chants

Working with me means


  1. Sharing openly your goals and fears.
  2. Sharing where you are struggling or failing.

As a mentor I can help ignite a shift and be a difference maker in your life. Like in alchemy we work together on shifting negative energies to positive – from iron to gold. It is important you come with open eyes and a willingness to discover something new about yourself..

Every private session will be unique and will set you into the direction you need to go, and a process of change is initiated. This reqires some time for absorption and practices to do at home.

  • Initiate a Shift to access inner Freedom.
  • Awaken the alignment of your body, mind and consciousness.
  • Help create a bond with the Oneness Field; your Higher Sacred Self.
  • Guide how to transform negative energies into positive.
  • Discover Intelligence of the Heart.
  • Help you access deeper awareness and spiritual truths.
  • Move you into Powerful Transformative Processes; the Alchemy of Consciousness.
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