ramlösa – portal of light

Ramlösa – A Sacred Platform

THE VISION for the beautiful new location of Ramlösa is to serve as a Sacred Platform for our inner transformation. Here you can come and find a deeper expansion of peace, inspiration,  development in consciousness and learning. It will act as an Airport of Consciousness – here you can Arrive with your luggage from the past, receive help to let go of what is no longer needed in preparation for Departure to your new destination in life.


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The mission is to help in the process of your transformation as Life gives us the Gift to care for our whole beingness – a Portal for renewal and care for body, mind, and soul. Welcome to Ramlösa Portal of Light – an Alchemy for the Heart!

Together with my team, we will offer all kinds of events; Health and Alternative Medicine Treatments, Lectures, Meditation Courses for both beginners and advanced, Dance Meditations, Satsangs, Concerts, Sacred Chamber Processes, Supreme Light Meditations, Healing Courses and Workshops in Transformation and Consciousness Development as well as Retreats in Sacred Silence.

Ramlösa Park

The history here is amazing! Towards the end of the 17th century the physician Döbelius had discovered that the iron-containing water from a natural spring in Ramlösa had a healing effect on the soldiers of king Charles XII. Döbelius was so enthusiastic about it and could win enough supporters to build a spa in Ramlösa.

On June 17, 1707, the spa gardens was opened and Döbelius’ involvement contributed significantly to the fact that mineral-water cures became popular in Europe.

Toward the end of the 19th century, another spring was found on the site by chance, whose water was alkaline and rich in minerals and salt. This water, carbonated, became one of the most famous mineral waters in Sweden – known as Ramlösa.

Direction to Ramlösa

Adress:  Folke Bernadottes väg 445 Ramlösa-Helsingborg

Buss from Helsingborg Central Station  (Helsingborg C, where the Ferries, Train and Buses are leaving.)

Two of the buses are leaving from the same platform and stop at the same place.

(You can pay with credit card on the bus or buy the ticket with a mobile phone app or at the Helsingborg Central Station at the tickets automats or office.)

  • Stadsbuss 2 mot Råå via Ättekulla 
  • Stadsbuss 3 mot Humlegården via Elineberg are leaving from platform (N) outside the station.

You get off the bus at “Helsingborg Ramlösa Brunn” Platform (A)  and have about 4 min walk to “Portal Of Light”


If you come by train, there is an option to get off the train at the Ramlösa station just outside Helsingborg. There will be a 1.4 km walk to the Portal Of Light”

Contact: info@anettecarlstrom.com

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