Sacred Mantras

Singing or listening to a Sacred Mantra can take you into a profound experience of no separation; with silence and sound existing at the same time.

I was looking…

…for a way to handle all the stress and anxiety.. When I first heard of Sacred Mantras I thought that was not for me. It seemed too strange, and I said “No Thank you” when someone invited me to join this event. But this person ended up being very persistent and finally I agreed to go at least once. It came to be a life changing experience!

The Peace around is tangible when a Sacred Mantra is sung or listened to. Often times you can not help myself – you just get drawn to sit down and get pulled into the stillness that the Mantras generate inside. Even if you never heard a Mantra or familiar with it, if you just sink into the sounds, then after some time you might find yourself to gently feel pulled to sound along with the Mantras and naturally allow yourself to experience something that will calm your mind. There is a definitive Presence in the Mantras – an Alive Presence that affects both the physical heart and every organ and part of the body. You are opening a  door of great possibilities.

The healing vibrations of the Sacred Mantras affect your subtles levels of being as well. Just listening to a Mantra as you go to sleep or when you want to relax will ease the tension in the body and mind and allow for a deeper rexalation. You can listen or sing along to a Mantra in the privacy of your own home, or you can join others in a Meditation course where often times you get a stronger experience and a deeper experience as the field around also gets stronger. Singing or listening to a Mantra is a wonderful way to connect to the Sacred Presence within you and access the healing vibrations that is given and it can be sung every day. I have found that singing a Mantra for 7 minutes tunes the brain into the heart vibration and it is very natural to then just be in silence following the breathing, 

The meditations gets deeper and provides inner peace as you repeat or sing a Mantra, As you develop singing or repeating a mantra you can then also start to repeat or listen to the Mantras silently inside. This affects higher consciousness. You can have a very deep connection to Higher Consciousness if you meditate together with others. If you never had an experience of meditation then you can join Meditation Mantra-Intensive where you get an opportunity to go deeper as more people are gathered for longer durations of singing a Mantra and moving into stillness meditations. This is also how I learned meditation many years ago, I used to join Meditation Intensives that started Friday evening and a particular Mantra was chanted and then continued non-stop to Sunday evening. People could join for as long as they wanted and there was always someone there sitting singing the mantra and it generated a tremendeous power of energy as you entered the hall. These early days of discovering meditation and how the power a Mantra can generate such an experience inspired me greatly.

It is such a JOY to be able to offer these experiences to anyone joining in the Satsangs, Workshops, Courses and Concerts.

Karma – singing a Mantra has the power of removing negative karma – Karma is a concept describing a natural law that says what you give out returns but many times over. That means that the words, thoughts and deeds you carry out comes back to you but many times over. By singing a Mantra, the negative effects can be removed or be made less. There are many mantras and they carry different vibrations, like medicine. It is a wonderful way to connect to the Intelligence of the Heart and move a negative experience into a positive. 

 There are so many books to read, so many lectures and words of wisdom. But the only thing that matters is your own experience. The simpleness of nging or listening to a mantra just swiftly bypasses the mind and gives way for a deep seated presence of peace.

Here are some of my favourite mantras from the early days:

Om Namah Shivaya


Om Narayana

I learned to meditate and sing Mantras in the city of Los Angeles. Here I discovered that the Inner Peace I was looking for was not in opposition to noise. Through singing Mantras I naturally discovered the Inner Stillness and it had a profound effect on my whole being. A magic door opened up and gave a tool to help me move into any environment – a passion for Mantras was born.

When I later in 2002 discovered Oneness, the Mantras I had practiced for so many years moved me to an even deeper level of conscsiousness I never even dreamt was possible. 

After a stay at the Oneness University in India my whole being went through a complete shift where the heart and brain seemed to be synchronised together into a harmonic field. In the peaceful environment of Golden City, the sacred stillness present there made an automatic deepening take place where I experienced a state of consciousness that my brain had not been able to receive before. The witness consciousness was emerging. As this was happening, I found my body at one point naturally move into a peculiar but very natural kind of yoga position where energy was made free. It all happened automatically as a Mantra was emerging, a Mantra I learned was like a phone number to the Divine – through singing or listening to this Sacred Mantra I got directly connected!



Sat Chit Ananda Parabrahma

Purushottama Paramatma

Sri Bhagavati Sametha

Sri Bhagavate Namaha

The body, mind and consciousness moves into a natural alignment and in harmony with the One Unified Field of All That Is when singing a Mantra. Sacred Mantras describes different aspects of the Divine, and as you sing or listen to it you feel a natural flow in the body that affects you on all levels. The magic of singing a mantra is that it will give you an experience. As human beings we need to access deeper levels of consciousness where we feel connected to our environment, to each other and to live our life in fulfillment where joy and kindness is our natural way of being. Sacred Mantras easily moves us into that experience of stillness.

Singing Sacred Mantras is a part of my every day of devotional practice to align the body, mind and the heart of my essence. It is my greatest JOY to help another discover Sacred Mantras. In my years of seeking I have discovered that the only thing that really matters in our life is our own experience. If we allow for it, the Mantra can take us towards our fullest potential as a human being. With all my heart I welcome you to join me in this discovery! You are welcome to an experience in a Sacred Mantra Concert or to listen to any of the recorded Mantras that you can easily learn and sing along with. Sacred Mantras is also part of the Private Sessions that are personalized for you, and is also very powerfully included in the Energy Transfers in the Workshops or OnLine Courses. I welcome You to discover a whole New World!


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