Life is in the Perception

Mantras are Sacred sounds, or a reverberations of energy, where different frequenzies and vibrations are uttered or sung. When voicing or listening to these vibrations, we are moved into balane with a higher intelligence of creation as the whole existence is a vibration of sound, or a compound of sounds.

Mantras are seen to be a gateway or keys to higher consciousness. If these sounds are used in a certain way, they become a key to open up to a different perception of life leading you to an experience a vast stillness within you.

The Sacred Mantras brings us into the percpetion of the All that Is springs out of the One. This experience is indescribable and could only be given as an experience. Singing or listening to a Sacred Mantra can take you into that profound experience where there is no separation with Life, where there is nothing but silence and sound at the same time.


Once you are given an experience of expanded state of consciosuness that state settles you into a  balance that can present itself as a comfortable vibration putting you at ease with the flow of life. The state of oneness that a Sacred Mantra has the potential to give you is unconditional.

Once that state settles there is no need for vacation, job, achievement or this or that. All what remains is the experience that always rests in the background of your consciousness and whatever you are doing – whether you call it work or vaction – is in the same stillness of beingness that all is here in this moment.

States of consciousness can peak into experience of Oneness where there is no separation between the one seeing and what is seen and experienced. When hearing a sound outside it seems to come from inside, the child out there calling is felt by the body as it is in here, everythig that is experienced is an end it itelf.

There is no craving for more or to change anything. Perception has changed into a natural way of experiencing life. It is how the body was designed to experience life, we just need help to get into alignment. Just as a computer needs broadband to connect into Internet, so we need to be connected to our Higher Consciosusness.


Singing a Sacred Mantra can catapult you into the

Presence of Higher Intelligence springing from the heart

The Furious Man 

Once upon a time there was a Saint who held a lecture for a group of people. He talked about the effect of repeating a mantra and said “A mantra is carrying the power to bring us directly to God”.

As soon as he hade said that, a skeptic in the audience rose up saying: “What nonsense! Would the repetition of a word bring us to God? What happens if we repeat bread-bread-bread? Will bread then manifest itself also?”

The Saint swiftly answered: “Sit down you swine!”

The man jerked and started shaking with anger and annoyance. He was all red in his face and he shouted: “How dare you talk to me in this way? You call yourself a holy man and then you are insulting people in this way! What kind of person are you?”

“I am very sorry, Sir, if I insulted you. But tell me, how do you feel now?”
“You can see for yourself how I fell, can’t you?” the man cried. “I am furious!”
“Oh, Sir” said the Saint. ”I used only one insulting word and it had this strong effect on you. If
this is the case, why wouldn’t a word of God be able to influence you and bring forth a change.”

Exactly in the same way as an insulting word carries a power, a mantra also has its own power. A mantra can transform your inner consciousness completely.

The unconsciousness is made up of thoughts and emotions that rise up to the surface all the time often unexpectedly. Seen from the outside it may seem as if we are one person, one identity. It may look as if we are a teacher, a lawyer or a professor. But inside we are always a continuously floating mass of consciousness.

When a mantra is projected into this inner mass of consciousness, it will stabilize and be focused in one direction. This will help us in transforming our confusion, our fantasies and our constant changes of the mind.

As if that was not enough, when we repeat a mantra, it will start vibrating throughout the various systems of the whole body. All thoughts and feelings have an immediate effect on the body. The thoughts go through the brain into the energy body, the so called prana, our life force, and from the prana to the bloodstream, and with the bloodstream it goes out in the entire body. The divine name flows through our body in the same way. It carries the power to take away all toxins from the blood as it cleans the prana, and it liberates the mind from negative emotions and facilitates for joy to rise in the heart.

However, repeating a mantra is not just a technique. A mantra is a living energy. It is like a part of ourselves. If the repeating of the mantra, and the purpose of the mantra as well as the repeater of the mantra is seen as one unit, it will quickly bear fruit.

The King of the River


Once upon a time there was a King who was a genuine spiritual seeker and who often went out into the woods, where he was sitting by a river repeating a mantra “So’ ham” (“I am That”).

One day a Sadhu, a holy man, came by and saw the King sitting there repeating the mantra aloud. He observed the King for a while and then he went down to the river and sat down beside the King with his water bowl and his cane, saying aloud: “This is my water bowl and my cane!”

The King was deeply absorbed by the mantra. So the holy man repeated ”This is my water bowl and my cane!” Over and over he said this aloud to the King.

Finally the King opened his eyes and wondered ”What is all this nonsense about?” Then he closed his eyes again and went on repeating his mantra.

The Sadhu then repeated his mantra even louder: “This is my water bowl and my cane!” Over and over he said this.

Now the king opened his eyes and cast a look of annoyance in the direction of the Sadhu. Then he closed his eyes again and went on repeating his mantra.

Then the sadhu started shouting at the top of his lungs: “This is my water bowl and my cane!!”

Now the King was furious and opened his eyes, yelling: “For God’s sake, what are you doing!?”

“Oh, Your Majesty” said the Sadhu, ”What are you doing?”

“I am repeating a mantra!” replied the King.

“Oh, but so am I” said the Sadhu. “I am saying: This is my water bowl and my cane!”

“But please, I’m sure you don’t have to sit here shouting it. Everyone must know that the water bowl and the cane belongs to you!”


The Sadhu then answered the King: “Why then are you sitting here repeating you are That –  you must know that already?”

In the same way as the King in this story were just repeating the words of the mantra, we can start by using the words, not because it carries new information or knowledge, but as a confirmation that something is already part of us, in a relaxed and simple manner.

Eventually we move deeper into the Mantra and it starts to giv eus the fruit of it which is an emergence of the Oneness Consciousness, or the natural experience of being One with life.

Different ways of chanting Sacred Mantras


  • Chanting it loud
  • Whispering it
  • Silent repeating inside

All three ways have different effects on our consciousness and the most profound is when we have become so used it the mantra it becomes alive inside repeating on its own.

Whispering the mantra it has certain special effects on our consciousness and is very effective.

Chanting it loud relaxes the whole body and links us into higher conscsiousness.

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