Satsang with Anette i Allerød, Denmark,

with Divine Light Meditation

28 april

Come into the Presence of Light!

Anette will share her experiences how you can be with your deepest core center, the pulse of your Truth. You will also be introduced to Sacred Sanskrit Mantras belonging to the ancient technology of consciousness and receive guided meditations.The evening ends with a Divine Light Meditation, a Sacred Energy Transmission flowing through the eyes. Divine Light Meditation is a Blessing given by the Spiritual Avatars Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan
Everyone Welcome!

Saturday April 28, 300 dkr
Info & Registration: Kunstner Lina Murel Jardorf
Æbleblomst Gård , Kollerød Bygade 36, 450 Allerød, Denmark, Tlf. + 45 23 99 18 99

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