with Anette Carlstrom



December 6

Awaken the Intelligence of the Heart-Brain Connection that drives the Frequency of Love.

Anette will explore ’What is Consciousness’ and how to Receive the Benefits of Tuning into our Shared Consciousness.

Access Greater Energy and learn the Ancient Technology of Consciousness.

Guided Meditations and Energy Transfers through Sacred Mantras.

“ If you wish to understand the Universe

think of energy, frequency and vibration. “

-Nikolai Tesla


8 PM – 9 PM CET (Scandinavia & Central Europe)
9 PM – 10 PM EET (Finland)
7 PM – 8 PM GMT (UK)
10 PM – 11 PM MSK, TRT (Turkey)
11 PM – Midnight, GST (Dubai)
11 AM – 12 Noon PDT (Pacific USA time)
2 PM – 3 PM EDT (Eastern USA time)

9 AM – 10 AM HST (Hawaii)




Meet Anette Carlstrom


Anette is the Founder of Ramlösa Portal of Light, a Meditation Center,  Clinic and Studio in Ramlösa, south of Helsingborg, Sweden.

Anette has travelled the world for the past 16 years sharing about the Phenomenon of Awakening into Oneness in life-giving Workshops, Satsangs and Sacred Mantra Concerts.

Anette has studied Development in Consciousness and Spiritual Awakening with Sri Amma Bhagavan at the Oneness University in India for the past 18 years.
Anette has over 20 years experience in alternative medicine, trained at the Swedish School of Kinesiology in Stockholm, specializing in Health and Cranio-Sakral Treatments.

She is an author of two acclaimed books on Consciousness Development and Awakening. ” From the Heart” and “Namaste”. Anette has also recorded several CD`s with Meditative Sacred Mantras to bring the listener into deeper states of peace and transformation.

Anette regularly holds workshops, Satsangs and meditation-events at Ramlösa Meditation Center as well as Online Courses and Live Broadcasts Meditations of the Supreme Light from her Studio.

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