Holistic Consciousness

Sunday April 18

Satsang is a Sanskrit word that means: to share ones truth in company.

Anette shares from her own experience about Holistic Consciousness. What if we could experience, live and understand the natural cycles of life and discover health and well-being in all our aspects: body-mind-consciousness.

Is it possible to move into a coherence and harmony between all aspects of our Being and thereby experience an extraordinary Holistic Transformation?

What is needed to ignite such an integral development process?

“ If you wish to understand the Universe

think of energy, frequency and vibration. “

-Nikolai Tesla


8 pm CET (Scandinavia and Central Europe)
7 pm BST (UK)
9 pm EET (Finland)
10 pm Turkey, Moscow
11 pm GST (Dubai)
2 pm EDT (USA)
11 am PDT (USA)
2 pm EST,
11 am PST




Meet Anette 

With over 20 years experience in Holistic Medicine, Anette is trained at the Swedish School of Kinesiology in Stockholm as well as Gemisphere Institute in Oregon, USA. For the past 19 years she has studied Spiritual Awakening and Development of Consciousness at the Oneness University in India. Before then practiced Siddha Yoga for 20 years.
Anette specializes in teaching and sharing from the Sacred Journey of Awakening into Oneness, as well as Guidance in Holistic Health/Nutrition, Cranio-Sacral Treatment and Gemstone/Chrystal Therapy.
Anette teaches from her own life experience that springs out of navigating the inner world after many years of studying philosophy, spiritual awakening and development of consciousness. Her main interest is in the mergence of Ancient Technology of Consciousness and Modern Science.
She is a author of two acclaimed books on Consciousness Development and Awakening. “From the Heart” and “Namaste”.
Anette has also recorded several CD`s with Meditative Mantras to bring the listener into deeper states of peace and transformation. Anette regularly holds Life Flowing Online Courses, Satsangs, Private Sessions/Treatments and Live Broadcast Meditations.
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