SATSANG with Anette

 Lions Gate

Connect into the Light!


The Lions Gate 8/8 (August 8) coincides this year with the new moon in Leo paving the way to take a big step into the Light. The energy of the Lion represents the Inner Sun, the Supreme Light inside and rules the Heart with Courage.

Move into an ever Expansion and connect into the LIGHT!


Satsang is Sanskrit for “sharing ones truth”.

Anette will put Light on the current times of the Enlightenment Process and how to connect deeper into the Heart and the Wholeness of Being. Discover your inherent Power of the Supreme Light with Guided Meditations, Prayers, Blessings and Energy Transmissions of Sacred Mantras.


Satsang -Lions Gate


8 pm CEST (Scandinavia and Central Europe)
7 pm BST (UK)
9 pm EET (Finland)
9 pm Turkey, Moscow
11 pm GST (Dubai)
2 pm EDT (USA)
11 am PDT (USA)

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