Through two Near-Death-Experiences I came to experience that there is a Grand Supreme Light that was very much Alive and much more real than this world. I as left the body I travelled paradoxally both leaving the body travelling out in the Universe towards as a Great Light as well as travelling Inside the body to the same Light. This opened me up to the knowing, a first hand experience that this Presence of Light is Real and the very Foundation of our reality. It exists inside every human being at the very core of who we are – and as well as a Quantum Hologram outside.

This came to impact my entire life as it opened up the Journey into a whole new level. Many years later this Presence returned through a Divine Intervention I call ”the Voice of Divine”. It came thundering from the Heavens above and at the same time it came from inside from the very Core of my Being – again the Light appared in a paradox. The Voice that gave a Teaching that carried such Presence of All Encompassing Seeing, Wisdom and such Love that my whole body fell into a state of Bliss and it changed something inside every cell of my being.

The Teaching was Given from inside and came to change my entire life. This Teaching is very much Alive in me and something I live by and can teach others. From the Essence of this Presence of Light, the Sound of Wisdom, I came into connection to what I know is our Personal Sacred Divine – in Sanskrit our Antaryamin – a Presence that Unites us All. It has  nothing to do with religion, spiritual beliefs or whatever cultural background we come from. Every human being has the full Freedom to experience this connection for ourselves. The Teaching given was a Pearl of Wisdom, a Gift of Grace, that delivered me to anchor into this Process.

 The Joy of this Presence has no limits! It has made my life real, functioning from a platform of feeling safe with the uncertainty of the outcome, living in a constant state of surprise; Life is a Gift, and we are here to meet the challenges. The connection to the Presence of Light is not a mystical thing, not at all. Living with the Presence opens us to a very intelligent flow in life and puts us in direct connection to the world and every living being on it. It is a very natural experience and the most joyful way of living, bringing us into a constant awe of life and a joy to learn, to grow and a passion to share.

If there are 7 billion people on the planet – there are 7 billion different ways to experience this Presence. We each have to discover our own path, have our own experience. It’s my greatest Joy to Share, to Serve and be part of the Grand Awakening of the Human Heart Intelligence. 

Experience your own inner Presence of Light! 

Welcome to join me in:

  • Satsangs – a Sanskrit word that means: sharing ones truth. Sharings that helps you connect to Power of Grace.
  • Workshops – how to navigate in the inner world and transcend challenges.
  • Online Courses – deep processes online.
  • Sacred Mantra Concerts – Medicine of Transformation giving you the direct experience of Transendence and Presence. 
  • Supreme Light Meditations – Live Broadcast Online and in Workshops. 
  • Private Sessions – Online.
  • Sacro-Cranial Therapy – stress and trauma release at the Clinic in Ramlösa.
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