I set out to find answers, and much later I discovered through two Near-Death-Experiences, and later in meeting with my Light Family in another dimension; a mystical experiences that seemed much more real than this world. It gave clarity and was given as a first hand experience that this Presence of Light is the very Foundation of our reality.

Then came the time that perhaps had the most impact in my life as it opened up the Journey to a whole new level. It was through ”the Voice of God” that came thundering from the Heavens above and at the very core of my Being and at the same time; a Voice that carried such Presence of All Encompassing Seeing, Wisdom and such Love that my whole body fell into a state of Bliss and I knew with every cell in my being that my Path was set.

The Voice gave a Teaching from inside that came to change my entire life. This Teaching is still very much Alive in me and something I live by and teach. From the Essence of this Presence of Light, the Sound of Wisdom I came into connection to what I know is our Personal Sacred Divine – a personal connection to our Sacred Nature – a Presence of Oneness that Unites Us All. It has  nothing to do with religion, spiritual beliefs or whatever cultural background we come from. Every human being has the full Freedom to experience this connection for ourselves. The Teaching given was a Pearl of Wisdom, a Gift of Grace, that helped to anchor into this Process.

 The Joy of this relationship with Presence has no limits! It has made my life feel real! Like everything is taken care of and I am safe living with uncertainty of the outcome, living in a state of surprise; Life is a Gift. For me this connection is not a mystical thing, not at all, I am indeed a very regular person, just like any normal human being. But the gift of connection was given and the communication opened up with what I call the Presence, and it eventually led me to receiving the Gift of Transmitting it to others. The past 16 years of my life I have been trained and schooled by the Spiritual Avatars Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan in India who Blessed me to start giving the Transmission of Divine Light. ”Help people experience their own inner Presence of Light and Always Speak from your own Experience!” Sri Bhagavan said with a big smile and Blessed the Journey ahead of Divine Light. 

 Like a cord plugged into the computer – a constant wi-fi connection – this is how Life can be experienced! Whatever you need – you have but to ask. This is a very real this thing. As a human being we are all made for this connection, but we also live under certain Universal Laws that gives the illusion that we are separate from it. From my Journey of discoverey I have seen that this is part of how Life is Designed; to have our sense of self fulfilled. Then comes the seeking for Heaven in us. That Heaven has no self-nature, it is a state of consciousness. But as our vessels of self nature becomes open to it – Heaven starts flowing through us. We have a shift in identity and Life is a Flow through personality. All this has to become our experience – it can not be understood. It is Awakening to the Divine – the Presence of God – the Collective Human Consciousness.

If there are 7 billion people on the planet – there are 7 billion different ways to experience this. You have to discover your path. Everyone has to Discover it in their own way. This is of utmost vital importance – the very Essence of Unconditional Love. The passion to serve the Whole emerges – to Walk and Talk and Grow into the Presence of Kindness. I would love to share more with you, it seems to have a contagious note to it and seem to help kick-start any engine. Like a cell in the body realizing it is somehow connected to all other cells in the body – and connecting to this ”Something” is the way to have Health, Joy and Happiness! Living in Flow – it makes the whole thing work!

 Join me and experience your own inner Presence of Light! Welcome to experience the Transmission of       Divine Light 

  • Satsangs (that is a Sanskrit word that means: sharing ones truth), 
  • Workshops (how to navigate in your inner world), 
  • Online Courses,
  • Sacred Mantra Concerts,
  • Divine Light Meditations,
  • Private Sessions and
  • Sacro-Cranial Therapy
  • Written texts. 


Stay Connected!

In Love with Kindness



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