Anette is an author of two acclaimed books and singer of Sacred Mantras belonging to the ancient technology of consciousness. She is known for her depth of Presence guiding others into direct experiences, often through story telling, to move the listener into deeper dimensions of their true nature.

Anette has a Gift that when she speaks, writes and chants the transfer of Divine Light is received by the other person. She offers a road map to explore the Sacred Truths that are hidden in our everyday lives. Anette’s passion is to help people connect into the Presence; Igniting the Wisdom of the Heart where Kindness, Love and Awareness is a Natural State of Living.

Anette travels the globe speaking and offering programs in Switzerland, France, Italy, England, Scotland, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Japan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Hawaii, USA and all Nordic and Scandinavian countries. She offers On-Line Courses, Satsangs, Workshops, Sacred Mantra Concerts, Divine Light Meditations, Private Sessions and Sacro-Cranial Therapy.


A whole new world opens up when you discover that you can have an alive relationship with all of nature around; not only with human beings but also with animals, trees, plants and rocks, with the heaven and stars above.

Everything is alive and will respond back to you as you tune into it. Perhaps in a near future this will be a very natural way to view and respond to the world around us, and the magic and wonder of life will return.

When we view life only from our logic and intellect, we are missing a great part of our world. Our brain is made for greatness and we can learn to tune into the wholeness of life. The most famous scientist I know of, Albert Einstein, openly shared that we can never find the solution to a problem from the same source the problem came from.


Life is in the Perception

 Mantras are Sacred sounds, or reverberations of energy, where different frequencies and vibrations are uttered or sung. When voicing or listening to these vibrations, we are moved into balance with a higher intelligence of creation as the whole existence is a vibration of sound.

Mantras are seen to be a gateway or keys to higher consciousness.

 Perception can be changed in a natural way. The body is designed to experience life where we are in alignment with Higher Consciousness; the Presence within. Just as a computer needs an Internet connection to surf the Internet, Sacred Mantras can be used to connect into the Presence.

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