Sacred Sounds

Medicine of Transformation

Sacred Mantras belongs to the Ancient Technology of Consciousness where vibrations of Sacred Sounds affects the body, mind, consciousness. These Sacred Sounds have been taught and repeated for thousands of years and carry tremendous Power as you move into them. Uttering or listening to a Sacred Mantra can help to acess a higher intelligence of creation and one is moved into balance and alignment. It is well-known that there is a Higher Intelligence of Creation and the whole existence is a vibration of sound.

Sacred Mantras are seen as Medicine for Transformation as our body is designed to experience life where the senses are free and in alignment with a Natural Life Intelligence. Sacred Mantras serves as Medicine Vibrations to help us tune into a Resonance with the Presense within. As we utter or listen to a Sacred Mantra it helps us to let go of negative vibrations and moves us into balance. Just as a computer needs an internet connection to access the Internet, Sacred Mantras are the most Powerful way to connect into the Presence.


Medicine of Transformation

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