Anette Carlstrom

Anette Carlstrom


Come into the Flow of Holistic Consciousness. Discover the Intelligence of Awakening to Oneness, with Body Mind Consciousness and Holistic Health. See how, as one part is healed to other is automatically affected. Tap into Vibrational Medicine and move into Alignment with the Great Compassionate Light within you. Live in Alignment with your Highest Potential as a Human being.

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Holistic Treatment

Golden Age Meditation



Igniting the wisdom of the heart

Though listening and sharing ones truths, Anette offers a road map how to overcome challenges and explore the Sacred Truths that are hidden in our everyday life. Anette`s passion is to connect the individual or groups into the Sacred Presence within; Igniting the Awakening of Oneness where Wisdom, Kindness, Love, Intelligence and Awareness naturally flows. Anettes is known for her depth of Presence, guiding into direct experiences, often through story telling, to move the listener into a deeper dimension of reality.


Online Course – JANUARY 15


Golden Age Meditation every Tuesday on Youtube

  • 8 pm CEST (Scandinavia and Central Europe)
  • 2 pm EDT (USA)
  • 11 AM PDT (USA)
  • 7 pm BST (UK)
  • 9 pm EET (Finland)
  • 9 pm Turkey, Moscow
  • 10 pm GST (Dubai)

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Lastest Online Course


How to Transform Negative Energies into Positive

Experience based Teachings with Guided Meditative Processes and Blessings through Ancient Technology of Consciousness.



Letting Go into the Power of Presence

Learn the art of Letting Go and Set a Vision. The Universe re-arranges itself to fit our Picture of Reality. Enter into a timeline of Synergy where Goodness and Truth moves you into synchronicity. Discover the Sacred Gift of Co-Creation.

Every Being carries the Great Compassionate Light; the Presence of Gratitude, Forgiveness, Inner Integrity, Surrender and Sacredness.



  • Learn the Sacred Sound Medicine of Transformation
  • Discover the Ancient Technology of Consciousness
  • Move easily into the Intelligence of the Heart

Repeating or singing a Sacred Mantra is the easiest way to connect into the Divine Consciousness; the Higher Intelligence inside. No matter what is going on in your life, apply the Sacred Mantras and attune to the Sacred Sounds to easily cleanse any negative emotion. Learn how you can easily access this Extraordinary Ancient Technology of Consciousness.



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