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Embrace the Process of Transformation and Awaken to a fundamendally new Experience of Life. Discover your own Sacred Connection to a Greater Power inside and Gravitate to Living in Presence of Peace, Compassion and Love. Join in any of the many different Programs offered here, both Online and on Location at Ramlösa.

RAMLÖSA – Portal of Light

This Sacred Platform is located in the South of Sweden in a magical forrest-park and healing waterwell. Here you will find a Meditation Center, Studio and Clinic in service to help you let go of the burdens in life and easily tap into your Sacred Connection to Life. Many different programs and events are offered here to help you in the Journey of Awakening. Sacred Sound Events, Retreats, Courses, Satsangs and Meditations as well as Treatments in Cranio-Cranial. Ramlösa Portal of Light is Dedicated to the Process of Awakening the Light of Divine.


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Supreme Light Meditation every Tuesday on Youtube


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  • At 8 pm Swedish time,
  • 9 pm Finnish and Turkish, Dubai and Moscow,
  • 2 pm Eastcost USA, 1
  • 1 am Westcoast USA,
  • 8 am Hawaii time,
  • Australia Wed at 06 am (capital city).

EveryOne Welcome!

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Lastest Online Course 

Heart and Brain Synchronization

Letting Go into the Power of Presence

Learn the art of Letting Go and Set a Vision. The Universe re-arranges itself to fit our Picture of Reality. Enter into a timeline of Synergy where Goodness and Truth moves you into synchronicity. Discover the Sacred Gift of Co-Creation.

Every Being carries the Great Compassionate Light; the Presence of Gratitude, Forgiveness, Inner Integrity, Surrender and Sacredness.

Let Your Heart Be Fulfilled

Learn about alchemy of consciousness and your next step for the evolution of consciousness. Discover why it is so important to move into the heart and brain synchronization.

Deep healing meditation processes that will help you strengthen your connection with the Higher Sacred Self, to heal the wounds of the past and move into the Power of Presence.


  • Learn the Sacred Sound Medicine of Transformation
  • Discover the Ancient Technology of Consciousness
  • Move easily into the Intelligence of the Heart

Repeating or singing a Sacred Mantra is the easiest way to connect into the Divine Consciousness; the Higher Intelligence inside. No matter what is going on in your life, apply the Sacred Mantras and attune to the Sacred Sounds to easily cleanse any negative emotion. Learn how you can easily access this Extraordinary Ancient Technology of Consciousness.

In the Course you will Learn: 

  • How Sacred Sound Mantras can help your Daily Life
  • How to Deepen the Connection to your Divine
  • The Different ways how to use a Sacred Sound Mantra
  • Learn several mantras as tools for your Journey of Transformation
  • Connect into the Sacred Sounds to access Intelligence of the Heart
  • Transcend into Higher states of Consciousness
  • Attune your body-mind-consciousness


Your own path

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