Frequency of Love

Anette talks about Frequency of Love and the State of Love. The Love we have inside us regardless what happened around us. The only thing is to See.

The Awakning Process

Awakening to the Presence of who your are.  The Presence that we can call, Divine, Sacred or the Power of the Universium, the Intelligence of the Universium. Every Human beinge is connected to the Source within us.

Moola Mantra

Moola Mantra is a Vedic Sanskrit Mantra. This Mantra is like calling a name. Just like when you call a person he comes and makes you feel his presence, in the same manner when you chant this mantra the Supreme Energy manifests everywhere around you

The Karma Planet

This planet is a Karma Planet. We are here to work through difficulty. This will help us so we can forgive ourself and others.

Blessing for Transformation

Mantra of Transformation. From Darkness to Light, from Untruth to Truth, from Dead to Immortality.

The Presence within You

One side is you as a unique individual and the other side of You is Divine. This is the part that is a Awakening now, is Divine consciousness

Blessing for Releasing Negative Karma

To relesae the negative Karma, we need to connect to the Presence in our Heart. Negativ Karma means what you’ve given to others if you have hurt them. It comes back to yourself many times. It is the Law of Karma. We can be free of this Karma, if we start creating Godness in our Lives.

Mantra for Divine Mother

Divine Mother is the Greatest Teacher within. When we call her, her Presence will fill us completely. Divine Mother also remove anything that we dont need anylonger and she the one who is blessing us with abundance.