Holistic Distance Treatment


Cranio-Sacral Therapy (CST) works very well as a healing treatment on distance. Like Osteopathy, from which CST developed, the body is reminded of its entirety and connects to the Holistic healing intelligence of principles that affect the brain tissue, lymphatic system and central nervous system.

It affects the brain stem and the vagus nerve, takes the body out of stress and flight, which makes all parts work better as a whole. This results in improved immune system function, improved organ function, hormonal balance, memory bodys and thought processes.

A Cranio-Sacral Therapy creates balance and flow in the body´s own energy system, which results in more stability and energy.


How does a treatment work?

At the remove Cranio-Sacral session you will meet Anette via zoom at the appointed time where you share shortly your symptoms or what you would like help with. After the conversation, you are guided into a meditative process where you can lie down or sit comfortable with your eyes closed.

You will listen to deeply relaxing music as Anette moves into the remote healing treatment. You must relax and it does not matter if you fall asleep. How you experience this treatment is very individual, even from time to time. Energies and flow are initiated inside you and have a balancing effect.

After the treatment is finished, you will be guided out of the meditation and have a small concluding cenversation with Anette. The affect of the treatment stays with you even after the session.

Price: $150

For booking please send mail to:


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