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Everything is alive

Modern Day Mystic

A whole new world opens up when you discover that you can have an alive relationship with all of nature around; not only with human beings but also with animals, trees, plants and rocks, with the heaven and stars above.

Everything is alive and will respond back to you as you tune into it. Perhaps in a near future this will be a very natural way to view and respond to the world around us, and the magic and wonder of life will return.

When we view life only from our logic and intellect, we are missing a great part of our world. Our brain is made for greatness and we can learn to tune into the wholeness of life. The most famous scientist I know of, Albert Einstein, openly shared that we can never find the solution to a problem from the same source the problem came from.

The gift

Transmission of Divine Light

The Transmission of Divine Light is a Powerful, Sacred Blessing of Grace to Awaken the Love and Wisdom of our True Nature – the Presence of Light within. This vital and transformative Energy Transfer is a Blessing from the Spiritual Avatars Sri Amma & Sri Bhagavan.

Three times in my life I have had direct contact with the Light. Each time taking me closer to the very Essence of our Beingness. As a small child every night falling a sleep, the experience was given in the form of inner Sacred Sounds pulling me into expanded states of consciousness where where there was no sense of a me, just expansion of Light.

At the time I thought it had something to do with my pyjamas… later on I realized there is a Presence in all of us that is so close, closer than our very breath… How come nobody seems to be that interested in this?

“Tune into the Presence of Grace
Life is a Wonderful Journey of Discovery”


“Anette is a such an amazing soul. Her presence creates a natural transformative effect in every human beings life, group she gave a hand or touch with her amazing heart. She is not only a spiritually glowing beauty but also a very bright intelligent one who integrates spirituality with science. She is like a marefidelis for many spiritual seekers to find their own paths both through science point of view and Divinity. Her being a powerful but also humble ally in my life journey is a big gift.”

Lila Duygu Ogut - Turkey

“Since I have been doing Skype sessions with Anette, my life has been transformed! I was seeking for over fidteen years to have any sort of awakening through all kinds of spiritual practices, but no real results until working with Anette! I now have a deep sense of connection to my Sacred Self and have noticed a totally different reaction of calm to things that used to trigger me. I am able to handle more of life without being affected and I have spontaneous feelings of love for all beings, when before I felt a lot of anger and unforgiveness. Even going through difficult times has gotten easier because of the magic that Anette does in our sessions. I am able to stay more calm, like an observer, even with troubling emotions or events.

My mom is also working with Anette and her transformation is even more dramatic than mine. She is kinder, happier, more spiritually in touch with her True Self and we get along better than we ever have now! I also have deep insights and intuition and get messages now from my Inner Sacred Self and life has an amazing richness to it that it didn’t have before. I truly feel Anette is an angel on earth and I hope to follow in her footsteps to become awakened so I can help the world. Blessings to you, Dear Anette. You have given me my life back!”

Denise Coates - USA

Author of the book Feel it Real! (Simon and Schuster)

“Anette has provided me with insights, guidance and deep inspiration to go on the journey to Unity, Oneness and, with her brilliant, creative and inspiring personality, has been extremely helpful to me personally. Anette belongs to the truly great and inspirational teachers in terms of personal development”

Lars-Ove Kjellsson- Sweden

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