1. Oneness in the Body – whole course/4 parts – 5 hours & extra bonus

How to find health, balance and develop new perspectives and increase awareness. This is a deep dive and alignment into the the Wholeness and to help you move into your Highest Potential as a human being.

Each course is based on each other and it is highly recommended that you take all four courses to get the maximum benefit. But of course you can also option for taking only one part. The course will include plenty of helpful information, contemplations and guided meditative processes.


  • How we can increase communication and awareness of our various organs and systems  and organs in the body to find optimal physical balance and promote healing.
  • Discover how our body is a community of cells.
  • How diet and nutrition affect our vitality and health issues that can arise and what should we avoid.
  • How to get stronger foundation in the physical body
  • How your heart can communicate directly with your brain – discover the Intelligens of the heart.
  • What and when to eat to increase energy.
  • How to detox and do intermittent fasting and the health benefits,
  • There will also be a review of our various subtle bodies, “Koshas” in Sankrit, and how we can open ourselves to balance.


  • How thoughts and feelings affect our awareness and choices in our lives.
  • Disover the purpose of the mind and how to use the mind
  • Learn why you are the way you are – a review ot the subconscious program that bring “the you” into being as a unique individual.
  • How we can get declutched from the mind and plug into heart-brain  connection.
  • A deep dive into the nature of the mind to raise  awareness
  • Disover the thought sphere of the mind-body
  • Guidad Meditation


  • Hur medvetandet kan utvecklas och skapa ett liv av lycka utan anledning.
  • Hur du kan få en djupare kontakt med ditt inre Medkännande Ljus, din Källa, din Inre Gudomlighet.
  • Hur forskning och vetenskap går hand i hand med urgammal teknologi av medvetenhet.
  • Hur du finner meningsfullhet i ditt liv och i dina relationer.
  • Vetenskapen av heliga ljud, Sacred Sounds.
  • Lär allt om vad Chakror är och Upplev en Chakra Balansering.
  • Guidad Meditation.


A Convergence into the Whole.

  • How you experience life from your highest potential as a human being.
  • The art of letting go of the past and opening a gate to the power of light in everyday life.
  • Get a fresh start for happiness for no reason – the Heart and Brain Intelligence.
  • Guidad Meditation

Portal of Light – Heart & Brain  Connection. 

Every moment your heart is sending signals to your brain, creating a picture of reality how you perceive the world. As our heart generates 5,000 times stronger electromagnetic field than our brain – we carry a Powerhouse within. It is known by science that if you change the field of the atom, you can change the atom.

Therefore the vital importance of healing the field of the heart, letting go of old hurts from the past and connecting with a higher intelligence that help us come into balance. From this platform, we learn how to transform negative energies into positive, allowing the heart to heal the emotions and beliefs that are creating problems in our life. As the Father of Quantum Physics, Max Plank, said: The matter that we see in our world does not exist. As the observer changes how a particle behaves; what we see in the World is there because of the mind’s perception. Underlying this mind is a conscious and intelligent Supreme Presence.

Alchemy of Health

In this Web-course, we will go deep into the area of Health and discover how to affect our health and wellbeing in a very satisfying and positive way.

3 Topics for the course

  • Find out How the Foods You Eat Affect Your Body, Mind, and Consciousness
  • Discover how to profoundly impact your physical and spiritual health
  • Learn what fuels living in a biological body and Enhance Higher Consciousness Connection.

You will learn about: 

  • Autophagy, How to be Free of Addictions, Epigenetics, Oneness in the Body
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