Portal of Light – Heart & Brain Connection

Every moment your heart is sending signals to your brain, creating a picture of reality how you perceive the world. As our heart generates 5,000 times stronger electromagnetic field than our brain – we carry a Powerhouse within. It is known by science that if you change the field of the atom, you can change the atom.

Therefore the vital importance of healing the field of the heart, letting go of old hurts from the past and connecting with a higher intelligence that help us come into balance. From this platform, we learn how to transform negative energies into positive, allowing the heart to heal the emotions and beliefs that are creating problems in our life. As the Father of Quantum Physics, Max Plank, said: The matter that we see in our world does not exist.

As the observer changes how a particle behaves; what we see in the World is there because of the mind’s perception. Underlying this mind is a conscious and intelligent Supreme Presence.

  • Release burdens of the past
  • Discover Alignment with the Light
  • Tap into your Highest Potential as a Human Being
  • Balance your Body-Mind Electro-Magnetic Field
  • Guided Meditative Process and Energy Transmissions
  • Time 1,5 h
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