Moola Mantra Meditation


Moola Mantra Meditation CD

This mantra performed by Anette Carlstrom is like a prayer to receive a Divine Connection to your true nature. It is designed for your awakening to a deeper state of consciousness and to experience inner freedom. Whenever you chant this Vedic Sanskrit Mantra, even without knowing the meaning of it, it carries power. When you know the meaning and chant it with feeling in your heart, then the energy will flow a million times more powerfully. It is therefore important to know the meaning of the Moola Mantra when you use it.

The full power of the Moola Mantra is exploded and experienced as Anette’s Gift of her voice activation of the Oneness Blessing is sung into each word and implodes in your heart. The meaning of this most auspicious chant awakens the Divine inside and allows the seed of Oneness Blessing to continue to grow. It also helps to heal emotional and physical challenges. Play it often during your day and “feel” the results!

Moola Mantra Meditation - 2 tracks:

  • Moola Mantra One
  • Moola Mantra Two


Moola Mantra


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