• Life is in your Perception

    Life is in your Perception

    Discover your True Nature
  • Discover Inner Freedom

    Discover Inner Freedom

    Transformation in Consciousness Courses
  • Temple of Supreme Light

    Temple of Supreme Light

    Journey to India
  • Cranio Sacral Treatment

    Cranio Sacral Treatment

    For All Stress Related Symptoms
  • Learn to Meditate

    Learn to Meditate

    Weekly Meditation Courses
  • Diamond Life

    Diamond Life

    Welcome to Diamond Life Meditation Center & Clinic
  • Peace is All Around

    Peace is All Around

    Discover the Sound of Stillness
  • Sacredness
  • Sacred Cranial Treatment

    Sacred Cranial Treatment

    Discover your Essence

Upcoming events and words from Anette

Here you can learn of upcoming events – at the center, around the world, and online. You can also read the latest words from Anette. // Kommande evenemang på meditationscentret, runt om i världen och online.